Digital Discography On Bandcamp

unnamed This year Soundcloud deleted 2 of my pages so I was forced to find an alternative to keep my old Mashups out there for you guys and the best solution has been Bandcamp. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on there. In case you haven't checked it out yet, the best part is that you get the choice of which format you want to download: WAV/ MP3/ FLAC! I've added some unreleased Edits & projects on there with more on the way. If there are songs you want that you can't find a good copy of online don't hesitate to ask me.

I have tons of edits that I made specifically for my sets & mixtapes over the years that have never been released so I'm thinking about starting a subscription service where each month I post those. If this interests you let me know & that will speed up the process. I do what I do for the DJs & I truly appreciate everyone who spins my tracks regularly.

Thanks for the support in 2015 & if you plan on playing the Auld Lang Syne Remix that Lil Jon & I did on NYE be on the lookout for a new Remastered version to bring in 2016!

Check out the Bandcamp site where you can purchase tracks individually or Download the entire Bandcamp Discograhy for 60% off. Click any of the projects from the link below & you will see the Entire Discog link: