One of my favorite shows last year was Master of the Mix, so when the auditions for Season 2 came through Atlanta, DJ Camille & I made sure we were ready. We had only 2 minutes to impress the judges so we had a lot to cover in a short period of time. The night before I made some custom edits & practiced running through them many times. Practice is one thing but when your audience is Kid Capri, DJ Mars & Rich Medina, it is a little more nerve racking. They could tell I was nervous but in the end they were all impressed with my set & I was the 1st DJ in ATL to get the ticket to the 2nd round. The feedback I received from them was amazing & I will take the advice they gave with me every time I get behind a pair of 1200s.

While the camera crew was interviewing me after my set, I could see my girl jumping up & down out of the corner of my eye. I had a hard time concentrating on the interview because I knew she made it too & I couldn't wait to congratulate her. It was an exciting day for me & to be able to share that celebration with Camille made it even better. We are eagerly awaiting the next round & will definitely be ready for whatever challenge comes our way.